You may remember this grammy-winning jam from Dr. Dre, on his classic album The Chronic.  What many who grew up on his “G-funk” brand of hip-hop, with its gangsta imagery and swag, don’t know is the basis of the track’s hook in P-Funk’s monumental mixture of funk, blues, Afrofuturistic mythology, and Gospel in the song, “Mothership Connection (Star […]

The title of the post is one of the many things the man in the picture above had me and a few hundred or so others of all ages and walks of life chanting in unison the other night (month! Yea, I know, but play along…) at Boston’s House of Blues. He’s legendary for demanding maximum […]

On Funkadelic’s self-titled debut album, the song “What Is Soul” has George Clinton repeatedly inquiring, “What is Soul?!”, the rest of the band responding, “Man, I don’t know!”, and Clinton answering back with lines like, “Soul is a ham hock in your corn flakes”, “Soul is a joint rolled in toilet paper”, “Soul is the […]